What Can You Expect From the Best Tex Mex in Houston?

Tex mex food is an American food that blends all of the tastes of Mexican cuisine, with notes of American tastes mixed in. This has become a popular type of cuisine in areas near the Mexico border, such as in Texas. What began in these areas, has now spread across the country, as people have grown to love the vivid tastes this type of food offers. Whether you prefer to experience this cuisine in restaurants or are learning to cook it on your own, you will find the tastes to bring excitement to your taste buds and all of your senses.

While there have been many additions to tex mex cuisine over the years, meats and cheeses have been the most common. Chili Con Carne, a popular tex mex dish, is a shining example of the flavors this type of food offers. This dish is made with a variety of different meats, but is most commonly made with ground beef. It also features onions, tomatoes, corn and a variety of beans. Using spices, such as cumin and chilis helps to bring this dish to the heat level you desire.

Another dish made popular through tex mex cuisine is the fajita. Fajitas are available at almost any Mexican eatery in the United States, because they are a popular choice among people living in the states. This dish is made using a flour tortilla and is filled with grilled or sauteed peppers, onions and your choice of meat. There are steak, chicken and pork fajitas to choose from, depending on your tastes.

Tex mex cooking started out in the early 1800s and is said to be native to the Texas area. Today, this popular cuisine is available all over the world, offering diners delicious options that ooze with melted cheese and bring the heat of spices to your palate.

If you are looking for The Best Tex Mex In Houston, check out the many Mexican eateries in the area. You are sure to find one that will please your senses and allow you to fully experience all of the flavors these delicious dishes offer.