How to Make Fun Giant Ice Cube Spheres

Ice cubes are used primarily to keep cold beverages cold, but why do they have to be ordinary looking? You do not have to serve up cocktails and party drinks with boring ice cubes when you can add some excitement to your ice. Giant ice spheres are not ordinary or boring. Just like regular ice cubes, they keep beverages cold, but they can also become a conversation piece.

Large, 2.5 inch ice balls can be used in large glasses, cocktail glasses, brandy snifters, pitchers, and punch bowls. They are slow-melting, so they keep beverages cold longer without watering them down. How do you make these interesting giant ice spheres? You need a specially designed ice cube maker to do the job.

Ice sphere molds that make these large ice balls are constructed of durable plastic and silicone that will last for years. Each mold produces two, 2.5 inch ice balls that slowly melt and look interesting in a glass. If you are concerned with BPA issues, the plastic used for this ice ball maker is BPA free. It is also dishwasher safe and can be stacked with other molds like it.

You do not have to worry about water leaking in your freezer because this product has special grooves to prevent leaking. If you have concerns about over-filling ice molds or trays, this product takes that worry out of the picture. It has clearly marked fill lines that help prevent over-filling.

The benefits of making giant ice cube spheres are as follows:

Stylish, distinctive ice spheres that make interesting conversation at parties

Ice spheres have less surface area than conventional cubes, so they do not cause watering down of your beverages

The large, ice ball is very slow melting and are designed to last longer than your cold drink

Each ice ball is equivalent to five or more regular ice cubes, which prevents the constant need to get more ice

They are faster at cooling beverages on hot days

Making fun and attractive giant ice spheres is easy when you have the right ice mold. The quality and durability of this product is proven by its user reviews. The mold features an INFERNAL flame logo, making it even more decorative and interesting while certifying its authenticity.