Is It Possible for Green Tea to Improve Your Health?

Since many people these days are doing all they can to improve their health, it stands to reason more and more are trying to incorporate the best nutritionally dense foods into their diets as possible. Over the last decade, much research has been carried out to learn about the benefits of green tea. Study after study has confirmed green tea offers extensive health benefits like increased energy and weight loss. Of the different types of green tea, matcha has been found to be the most beneficial because it contains as many as 137x the antioxidants other green teas offer.

Green tea contains beneficial antioxidants called catechins. Catechins fight the free radicals that try to destroy healthy cells in the body. When free radicals begin to attack the cells, they can cause extensive damage that leads to cell death. They may also affect the DNA and cause mutations in the cells that can result in cancer growth. It is crucial people choose foods that are high in antioxidants so their bodies can fight cancer and the signs of aging.

Matcha green tea also contains L-Theanine which helps a person to experience a greater level of focus and concentration. With the caffeine included in matcha green tea, L-Theanine offers even greater benefits. The caffeine offers a greater level of energy while the L-Theanine bridles the action of the caffeine to help prevent energy crashes and jitteriness like are caused when a person drinks coffee on a regular basis.

When a person wants to buy organic matcha green tea, they need to make sure they carefully research the brands and retailers of matcha green tea powder to ensure they are purchasing the best they can afford. Matcha needs to be stored in a dark container that stays sealed so it is not exposed to light and air as much as possible.

Drinking matcha green tea on a daily basis can improve a person’s health and give them the energy and focus they need to face each day. If you are lacking energy and focus, consider this beverage choice and see how it can improve your life.