Your Tot’s New Bike Search Explained

An exciting milestone in your toddler’s development is their first bike ride. Make sure they get the right one to learn and grow on! Stay true to a few guidelines, and you and your child will have a wonderful memory to share. Find a bike your toddler can learn to ride on safely, watch out for durability and longevity, and keep in mind overall ease of use.

Keep Safety First

While scraped knees are common early on, it doesn’t mean your child should experience them. A quality toddler bike needs to be safe for learning. Enter the KinderBike Mini and the KinderBike ESeries. These models are known as balance bikes, which are bikes without pedals used to teach toddlers to balance on two wheels before pedaling. The Mini is designed to fit the smallest toddlers, tested at two years of age, and the ESeries, which is basically a Mini with foam tires, is designed similarly. If you’re starting your child young, always watch the safety.

Durability and Longevity

It’s common to walk through a store and note all the bikes with steel or plastic framing, but neither of those are particularly durable. Toddlers don’t put anything away whatsoever, so you know steel rusts, plastic bends, and both will get run over when someone pulls into the driveway in the dark and doesn’t see them. All KinderBike balance bike models use aluminum framing, so rusting and warping aren’t an issue. They’ll last long enough to maybe give to another child, or even your grandkids.

Ease of Access

Keep in mind your little Superman or Wonderwoman probably hasn’t developed all their superpowers yet and isn’t able to lug around a really heavy bike. All models, from the Mini and ESeries to the KinderBike Laufrad (the next size up) are made with this in mind. Your toddler will have no troubles bringing this bike all over the place and will love the ease of handling overall.

Cycling is an underrated form of exercise due to its relative lack of impact on the lower body and joints, and is a great way to get your little one moving early and often. If you keep these tips in mind for finding your tot the perfect bike, you’ll be raising a happier, healthier child than you could have imagined. To get your little one biking right away or for more questions, contact your friendly bike shop.