Watching Football Online

With so many options to stream television shows many people are opting to cancel their satellite or cable contracts to save money. However, the main reason most people state that they are hesitant to get rid of cable is because of the sports. It seems to be a bit difficult to find a reliable place to stream live sports. It is especially hard to watch football online free. However, there are a few sites that offer free online sports streaming.

Remember while searching online that you weren’t able to get every sports game played through your cable or satellite provider and that may still be true with online streaming. Plus you might have to spend a little time searching for sites offering the games you want to watch. That being said, if you just want to be able to watch most of the games or if you don’t mind watching the game after it’s already been aired you should have more than enough options online.

A few of the sites available right now are,,,, and not free but definitely cheaper than satellite and cable

At they make the claim that you can stream live sports from their peer to peer site after installing what they call clients and after registering with their site.

First Row Sports is another site that offers live football streaming but some say that it is a bit lagged and occasionally stalls or appears pixelated. However, come game day you can almost always find the games you are wanting to watch.

LiveBallTv is up and running as well and they claim that they stream NFL football in realtime and HD without having to register or sign up with the site. Best of all it’s free. currently does not offer live streaming of the games but they do offer the following packages: game rewind, preseason live, and audio pass. While these aren’t free they are definitely cheaper than keeping your cable or satellite just for football. They allow you to watch whichever game you choose based on the package you purchase. What this means is that after it has already aired live you will have the ability to watch it online. Again while not free this is a reliable and legal site to view NFL football.