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How to Find Interesting Spanish Music There are many cultures that have influenced Spanish music and that is why it is one of the most diverse you will ever know. The different cultures that have influenced Spanish music are the German, French, Arabic, and Moorish cultures. Diverse as it is, Spanish music, however, is mostly associated with a particular music genre called flamenco, which is the music of the Andalusian region. In every region of Spain, they have their own distinct musical styles with their own musical instruments. Flamenco, as mentioned above, is a very popular form of Spanish dance and music in Andalusia. Jota music is known in the region of Aragon where they use instruments such as tambourines, bandurria, castanets and the guitar. The Celtics have influenced the music in Northwest Spain and they also use different types of instruments in this region. Bagpipes and flabiol are used in the Balearic Islands. Choirs and dance are popular in the Basques. The type of traditional music in the Canary islands is a local type of jota known as Isa.
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The unique sounds of the music of the regions of Castile, Madrid, and Leon are influenced by different cultures. Catalonia region has sardana music while Portuguese music is known in Extremadura. Acapella singers singing Christian songs are very popular in Murcia. Their musical composition show a lot of the characteristics of the Moorish culture. Musical innovation influenced by Mediterranean culture is the music known in Valencia.
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What makes the Spanish music distinct, is that despite differences in the regions, there is a certain distinctive sound in the music which we can call peculiarly Spanish. Spanish musicians have kept their traditional music but at present they are known also to excel in all the other popular musical genre that we hear all over. There are many talented Spanish artists and musicians who have earned worldwide recognition for their musical talents. Julio and Enrique Iglesias are the most famous Spanish singers who have gained fame throughout the world. Some other Spanish singers who have excelled in music are Alejandro Sanz, Maria Jimenez, Victor Manuel and others. There are also Spanish musical groups that have become popular in recent years. Las Ketchup, Los Bravos, Tequila, Tierra Santa, Tote Kind and other groups have become famous names in the music industry. Through the years the distinct Spanish music has developed as there are influenced by different cultures surrounding their nation. The different style and forms of Spanish music has made it popular today. Spanish music and modern music has many distinctive in common and they blend well. If you want to fully understand the Spanish society, you have to learn about Spanish music as it is an integral part of the Spanish life.