Tips for Purchasing a Clarinet for a Young Student

One of the most popular instruments for new students is the clarinet. There are many reasons children will choose these to begin their musical instruction.

They are lightweight and easy for even young children to carry
Easy to assemble
A basic instrument for learning musical notes
Even inexpensive models will sound good and be reliable
Durable instrument that can handle the less-than-gentle care of a child

When a child decides to play the clarinet, it is easy to find good instruments, no matter what your budget may be. Some people will choose new, often a model which is labeled as a “student clarinet”. Many others purchase used, generally with good experiences.

If you do decide to purchase used, be sure to have the clarinet inspected by an expert before they begin playing. This will ensure the instrument is working correctly and providing the right sound so they are not held back in their lessons.

Your local music shop will often handle these sort of tasks themselves or can recommend someone who can. They will make certain all of the keys are working correctly and providing an accurate sound. They will usually replace the cork or felt and make certain all screws and springs are in good condition.

The price for this sort of work will vary from one area to the next. Contact someone before you buy to get an estimate so you can be certain you will have enough left in your budget to cover the cost of the instrument and the inspection and any repairs, if needed.

Another fact to keep in mind when setting your budget for woodwind instruments like clarinets is the age of your child. Young children are known for being fickle and will often change instruments several times before they settle on the one they like the best. Set your budget accordingly.

Not all the focus should be on the clarinet, but on the case as well. A good case is what will protect the instrument and will keep all the reeds, gear and cleaning supplies together. Do not purchase anything without having a case available too.

Finally, as any parent of a budding clarinetist will tell you, you can never have too many reeds. They are fragile and split easily. A damaged reed will make it nearly impossible for them to play notes correctly. Luckily they are inexpensive and several will fit comfortably in the clarinet case.