Three Tools That Make Better Shaped Sushi Rolls

Eating sushi at restaurants can be too expensive for the average sushi lover. While buffets might seem like an option, the quality of the sushi ingredients greatly lessens. People who love sushi might attempt to make their own rolls and cuts of sashimi at home. For beginners, shaping the sushi correctly can be one of the most difficult aspects of creating a quality sushi roll at home. A sushi making kit is likely to contain most, if not all, of the following tools which can be used to create more accurately shaped rolls. There are a number of free online videos and tutorials that show beginners how to appropriately use these tools.

Bamboo Rolling Mat

Bamboo rolling mats are some of the most essential tools in making a firm sushi roll. These mats come in all sizes, and they can be purchased from just about any grocery store or online retailer. Most kitchenware shops and Asian markets will offer a selection of mats for shoppers to choose from.

Many cooks begin by prepping their sushi on top of the bamboo rolling mat to lessen later awkward steps. To create a firm roll using a mat, the cook centers the prepped sushi in the center of the mat. Then, the cook rolls the mat over the sushi firmly by grasping the ends of the mat with the thumbs. The process needs to be completed slowly and firmly. Afterwards, the cook may remove the mat and look at the ends of the roll to see if any of the sushi rice has fallen out. The sushi roll can be rolled across the mat to increase its firmness before cutting.

Pressed Sushi & Finger Molds

Sushi molds are not as common as bamboo rolling mats, but occasionally, sushi making kits do contain them. The pressed sushi mold looks like a small wooden box. Sometimes, a pressed sushi mold can be found in a plastic variety. Some people prefer the plastic varieties, because they are easier to clean and dishwasher-safe. A finger mold is roughly the same size as a pressed sushi mold, but it’s different because it has smaller compartments that look like they are about the width of two fingers. These molds are perfect for shaping nigiri rice.