The Basics That Novice Preppers Should Be Aware Of

Prepping is a way of life for many people. To the average person, constantly thinking about what to do when the unexpected occurs is a waste of time. However, knowing what to do during an emergency and being prepared aren’t bad ideas. The more you begin learning about prepping the more you’ll realize how vital it can be. Pay attention to the following tips to begin prepping today.

Before you begin prepping it’s important to think about the people you’ll be prepping for. For instance, are you single or do you have a family to think about. If you’re just one person, you may not need a large amount of supplies to prepare yourself. However, if you have a wife and kids to think about, you’ll need to consider buying more food, survival supplies, clothes and whatever else that’s essential.

It’s important for preppers to consider the scenarios that’ll more than likely occur. For instance, if you’re located in a region of the country that sees less than an inch of snow a year, preparing for a blizzard probably shouldn’t be a priority. However, if you’re someone who loves traveling to obscure locations in the wild, learning urban and wilderness survival is extremely important.

When it comes to surviving there are only a few basic needs you should consider: security, water, food and shelter. You’ll want to make sure that you and your home are safe and secure. When it comes to security, additions such as motion-sensitive lights and cameras are a good idea. If you can afford it, it might also be a good idea to invest in a safe room. Stockpile as many non-perishable goods as you can. When it comes to water, learn where to find it in the outdoors and how to treat it.

All of this is only scratching the surface of prepping and surviving. If you’re just starting out, you can find plenty of prepping starter kits and additional advice online. Again, always keep in mind who you’re prepping for to help you decide what you need. Also, you should only prepare for scenarios that you’ll more than likely experience. Lastly, make sure you have all of the basic needs covered so that you’ll be prepared for just about anything.