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What To Expect With Male Entertainment For Ladies Male entertainment for ladies is popular for bachelorette parties. Not a few book male entertainers for birthday bashes, with some having male performers spice up the night at divorce parties. The ideal is, the performers should provide no more than tastefully provocative entertainment. Unfortunately, there are many cases (especially in privately booked engagements) where the clients themselves go overboard in the spirit and fun of the moment, and end up being sorry the morning after. Notwithstanding the behavior of ladies as the male entertainer performs, striptease fun would probably sum up most of these female parties. A male revue dance troupe, doing “classic fantasy” (think tall, dark and handsome) and fresh, fantasy fun stage (and dance floor) productions is usually offered by reputable clubs. Las Vegas burlesque shows are provided by other male dance clubs. Acrobatic stage numbers with twists, turns and well, other eye-catching moves are done by male dancers who push it to the limit. The audience’s hearts are kept thumping by flame-wielding hunks, men with marvelous physiques dressed as Eqyptian-garbed gods or yes, naval officers, who perform very artistic but energy-charged routines. Some shows portray “guys next door” (but with serious biceps) who strip to the “traditional” g-string in a pulsating 2-hour show. The “enactment” of some female fantasy usually drives male entertainment shows. Audience participation is encouraged in most of the shows. A group of “high-rolling” cowboys may lasso a lady and bring her to stage to dance with the cowboys, for example. Another routine may play out a damsel in distress being saved by a ripped-muscled Spartacus in leather breastplates.
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Former rugby players, firemen, personal trainers or even hip-hop champions, who do real serious moves on-stage, are the mainstays of other party hangouts. The dancers jump on tables, pour bottles of beer on themselves and pick women from the audience to go on stage with them. A pumping soundtrack gets the audience in the mood (well, that is, if they are not already thunderstruck with the flow of alcohol).
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Pre-booked tickets usually allow clients to enjoy the performances in these clubs. One way some of these clubs pamper guests is for male waiters walking around, giving back and neck rubs to cocktail-sipping ladies prior to the start of the show. Some clubs dissuade personal tipping of performers, saying the tickets already cover it. The performers also go on tour, performing at hotels or plush residences in privately booked engagements. Ladies can also be entertained by free-lance performers. They can usually be reached thru online ads or booked through phone based on recommendation from other contacts. These men entertain at private parties held in home or hotels. Many of these parties do become wild. Regardless of the male entertainer’s performance, however, the way the party turns out depends on how far the clients go during the night.