Salsa Sauce, Its Not Just For Chips Anymore

When you hear someone mention salsa sauce you immediately think of warm tortilla chips being served next to a serving of guacamole while sitting at a great Mexican Restaurant, or you remember the commercial about salsa sauce being from New York City. Well now salsa sauce is becoming totally different from the traditional tomato based sauce we are familiar with.

With original ties to Spain, salsa is slowly making its way to the table in some nontraditional ways. It is being served on hot dogs and burgers and being added to different gravies and stews for a hint of Mexican flavor. It also makes a great marinade for meats and various types of fish. Salsa sauce comes in a variety of heat levels that range from mild to extremely hot. The heat of the sauce is determined by the type of pepper that is used. The more mild salsa sauce uses chilies while the hot versions use Habanero or Jalapeno peppers, or Ghost or Serrano chillies. These different hot sauces are enjoyed around the globe.

The ingredients for salsa sauce is quite simple. Fresh ripe tomatoes are the key ingredient. Cilantro, garlic, red onion,salt and pepper, lime and whatever type of pepper or chili you desire is also added. All these ingredients are mixed together until it forms a sauce. It can be a thin sauce or chunky. It all depends on how long the ingredients are mixed together. In addition to the basic ingredients, these sauces have incorporated different items that gives a myriad of different flavors. You can now get sweet salsa as well as savory salsa. Some sweet salsa incorporate pineapples and mangoes while the savory salsa sauces uses black beans and paprika. Corn is another item added to these sauces to create a diversity of flavors. There is a green sauce made from green tomatoes that is just as delicious as the red sauce. Mint has also been an ingredient added to salsa as well as ginger.

So the transformation of the salsa sauce is becoming more popular as various chefs and connoisseurs of great food go beyond tradition and experience flavors that are totally unique.