Popular Sport Fish Found Along the Eastern Coast of Florida

Just off the eastern coast of Florida the warm Gulf Stream, a current of water also known as the Florida Current that’s almost 50 miles wide, attracts the bait fish eaten by the large sport fish tracked by fishermen on charter boats. Along the southeastern coast of the state, the Gulf Stream flows just a handful of miles off the coast, allowing fishing charters to quickly access some of the best fishing on the entire coast of the US. A number of large sport fish valued by sport fishermen live in these waters.

One of the most popular sport fish found in the waters off the southeastern Florida coast is the dolphin fish, also known by its Hawaiian name of mahi mahi. These fish, which stay in the area throughout the year, prefer to gather around floating objects or debris in the water, whether natural or man-made, that attract the fish on which they feed. Dolphin fish can reach up to 60 pounds, when they become known as bull dolphin and are coveted by serious sport fishermen.

Sailfish have gained a reputation as a popular sport fish because when hooked by an angler’s line, this fish makes spectacular leaps out of the water as it fights the line. Sailfish are generally five to seven feet long and weigh around 70 to 80 pounds. They feed near the surface of the water because their preferred foods, usually sardines or mackerel, are found there. Sailfish don’t migrate but instead spend the entire year in the waters of the warm Gulf Stream. Blackfin tuna is another common game fish that anglers can find off the coast close to Palm Beach. This fish thrives in the warm waters and reaches a weight of between 25 and 35 pounds in adulthood. Tuna are known for their strong fighting skills when hooked.

Marlin and shark, both year-round residents that live further off the warm waters off eastern Florida, have gained a reputation as the top sport fish hunted by fishermen. Blue marlin usually weigh in at well over 200 pounds and there have even been some marlin reportedly caught at 500 pounds. Marlin are known for their fighting spirit, which challenges the skills of the sport fisherman. A variety of big game sharks, including hammerheads, bull sharks and other species, usually are seen during the spring. Shark fishing is an exhilarating experience, but the catch must be released after it’s been admired and photographed. Novice and experienced sport fishermen will find that a charter fishing company such as Palm Beach Fishing Charters will help them track and catch the big game fish they’re after.