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Finding the Right Photo Booth Rental for Your Party or Event

Are you planning to rent a photo booth for an upcoming event? Regardless of the occasion – a wedding, a charity event, a corporate party – a photo booth will simply make everything more memorable. Ask those who’ve tried renting or using one and they will tell you the exact same thing.

The good thing about photo booth rentals is the variety of providers you can consider. So how do you actually choose one?

Photo Quality

Truth is, there are many photo booth rentals out there that don’t produce true photo quality prints. That’s why before committing to a certain provider online, always ask them to mail you samples. Check out at least two or three samples and compare their pictures to see the difference.

Image Size

Make sure you ask how big the file sizes will be. You’ll never know when you a fab shot is coming. You want to make sure you can enlarge it when it does.

Booth Size

When you talk about photo booths, the larger, the better. Obviously, a bigger booth will be able to accommodate more people and more possibilities.


Yes, photo crop matters. Many rentals use a horizontal crop, which is only enough for around three people. Find a booth that uses a vertical crop so more people can be allowed in each picture or there will be enough space to strike a good pose.

Backup Equipment

This occasion must be so important that you actually thought of getting a photo booth. Be sure you pick a provider that will be available from beginning to end. In other words, make sure they have backup equipment in case anything fails. You won’t believe how many of these so-called “providers” are working off a cellphone and have literally a single booth. If that one and only booth starts failing the night before your event, what now? You really have to do some homework before picking a provider. Online reviews can be so useful.

File Storage

Another thing you’d like to know about a photo booth provider is their file storage procedure. For starters, how long will they be keeping the files, just in case you lose your DVD? Do they save files on a crash-prone hard drive?


Finally, ensure that there will be a written contract with your chosen provider for mutual protection. And take not of the terms related to running time. There are companies that only guarantee 70% of the scheduled running time. The question is, will they charge you 70% of the bill? This does sound ridiculous so be sure to clear it up before signing anything. There’s no excuse for them not to give you your full money’s worth. It’s your right to demand it as a customer.

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