Learn More by Reading About Hampton Creek on Fortune

Hampton Creek is a company that has worked tirelessly to provide food products that are plant-based, primarily reaching out to the vegan and vegetarian communities. One of their products, Just Mayo, has been gaining quite a lot of attention and even recently was featured in a Fortune article. Those who want to learn more about this enterprising company should read about hampton creek on Fortune.

This company has prided itself on providing superior ingredients without any animal byproducts or nasty preservatives that are often hidden in most commercial food products. Their three main successful products have been Just Mayo, Just Cookie Dough, and Just Cookies. These foods have been selling well in stores such as Whole Foods, Safeway, and Walmart.

Hampton Creek was founded by Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick who both recognized a gap in the vegan foods market. Even though the products being manufactured as vegan were free of animal products, many of them used chemicals that were not natural, including dyes and flavorings. They made a commitment to ensure the vegan and vegetarian communities had food products that were truly healthy and free of nasty additives. With their initiative, they have learned new and exciting ways to use plant-based products so they are healthy and delicious.

The amazing thing about Hampton Creek’s initiative, is other companies are now stepping up to the plate to improve their food products. Recently, other mayonnaise manufacturers have made the choice to create their products using no animal products. Instead of being upset over the competition, Hampton Creek welcomes it. They realize they cannot create all of the food products the world needs which is why they are hoping their goals will influence other food manufacturers to offer vegan choices that not only appeal to the vegan community but also those who simply want to live a healthy life, free of preservatives.

As Hampton Creek continues to work towards improved food products, they hope the world’s food manufacturers will begin looking towards individuals and what they are looking for in food choices instead of simply focusing on their demographics and sales. They feel this can change the food choices available on the market.