Jealousy and Your Ex

After a bad breakup, pain may be nearly the only thing you can think about. Maybe you are missing your ex so much that you can’t even really focus on anything else. Perhaps you know that the ex still cares, but you just need a way to make them realize that, too. There are a couple of ways to get the ex to realize that they still love you, and making them jealous can be an important part of that.

The first part of finding out how to make your ex jealous is finding out how to make yourself happy. There is nothing that makes a man more interested than realizing that a woman can be happy without them. Figure out what brings happiness and joy to you. Maybe there are some hobbies or activities that you used to love, but you let those things kind of fall away after getting together with the ex. There is no better time than the present to begin those things again. Your ex will see that you’re suddenly much busier and much happier than you were before, and this is bound to drive interest on their part.

Self improvement can also be a big part of getting an ex back quickly. It can begin with the obvious stuff like looking great, losing weight, and working out. However, it is not just about cosmetic stuff. Your ex will really sit up and take notice if they realize that you are starting on a great new career path, or that you are pursing your dreams and going back to school. Your ex may also be completely intrigued if they find out that you are pursuing self improvement in other ways, for example by learning a new language. Your ex just won’t be able to resist asking “Why are they doing this now?” This can easily incite jealousy, especially if the new self improvement activities involve you getting out of the home and meeting new people.

While it might feel strange, it is always best not to contact the ex if you want them to be jealous. No contact at all only makes them wonder exactly what you are up to, and this definitely drives jealousy!