How a Boyfriend’s Reaction to a Threat Can Play Out Favorably

There are few game killers as immediate and daunting as the one where a man lets the girl know he has strong feelings for them. But there is a balancing act at play here. It is not unwise to be totally disinterested. Women are getting keen to men who are too distant by understanding that if they would want to call and talk, they would. But there is also a point where a man leans too heavily into it all, and it wards her off.

This is an especially important consideration in dealing with a girl that has a boyfriend. A man must be subtle in his approach. Boyfriends react in all sorts of puzzling ways. Fortunately for the interested man, it is rather predictable. This can sometimes play in the favor of the man learning how to get a girl.

The boyfriend will generally react in one of three ways:

1. He will be immediately threatened. He will lash out in an angry tirade, close down on the girl, and enforce a strict regime for her. This will generally have her fall right under his wing. Unfortunately, no matter how nice you are, or how much you know that the relationship is doomed and the guy is awful, she is the loyal girlfriend and that is how it works.

2. He will quietly confront the interested man at some quick point, but he will do so aggressively. This type of boyfriend is trying to be subtle and sneaky but is probably failing miserably. Either way, the interested man can easily tease this situation and plant some seeds that he may sabotage his own relationship at a later point.

3. He won’t react at all. He is used to this type of thing, because he has a great girl. The interested man knows it very well, and so does the boyfriend. This is worst case scenario because there really isn’t anything the interested man can do about it aside from continuing to establish emotional connections and staying out of that ugly friend zone.

A boyfriend’s reaction can often help the interested man because men have a tendency to react poorly to threats. The girl may realize he is a loose cannon and turn to the interested man.