Hampton Creek and the Success of a Sandwich Spread Free of Unwanted Ingredients

Many people who want to eat more natural foods and avoid commercial items filled with questionable ingredients still need the convenience of processed foods. They’re very busy and don’t have time to make every meal entirely from scratch, including the sauces and sandwich spreads. A company like hampton creek is advantageous with its Just Mayo sandwich spread, several salad dressings and boxed mixes for pancakes and muffins. Just Mayo has been around for a while, becoming so popular with the general population that numerous major grocery retailers have picked it up and stock it with mayonnaise or in the natural foods section.

Just Mayo is free of all sorts of ingredients that consumers increasingly want to or need to avoid. For instance, it doesn’t contain any gluten, making it suitable for anyone with celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten. It doesn’t contain soy, which is appealing to people who are allergic or sensitive to that substance. Most commercial mayonnaise products have soybean oil as they main ingredient. It doesn’t contain eggs, which helps individuals who are allergic or who don’t want to support factory farming. Interestingly, the egg-free characteristic also is beneficial for individuals allergic to soy, since many chickens are fed soy that winds up in their eggs.

This product also doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in processed foods. Soy, for instance, often comes from GMO beans. Many consumers are disturbed about the presence of GMO in the food supply, since these substances have had their DNA tinkered with in unsavory ways. Combining a cauliflower with broccoli to create broccoflower may be acceptable, since both are cruciferous vegetables. But is it really OK to combine a vegetable with a bacterium and create a type of food from two entirely different species? Many people don’t think so.

The producer of this mayonnaise alternative had a goal to craft a sandwich spread that everyone could love, even people who eat eggs, gluten and soy. Online reviews reflect the success of that goal. People routinely comment on their surprise at how much they like this item and how they’ve switched to it from regular mayonnaise.