Getting Down To Basics with Entertainment

Magician and Mind Reading Wedding Entertainer

Throwing a successful gathering requires preparation and creativity. When planning your special day, make sure to select quality entertainment for the occasion. If you’re looking for a exciting way to bring unique entertainment to your next gathering, consider hiring a mind reader or magician. Mind readers can shock your guests, whether it is during an after dinner show or though intimate “walk around” entertainment, you won’t be disappointed by this performance. Magicians and mind reading specialists offer shows and “walk around” style entertainment to accommodate the needs of your specific party. We offer entertainment for weddings, corporate events, intimate parties, and even stand up comedy.

Having a magician at your wedding will delight your guests. This unique experience is renowned as one of the best forms of wedding entertainment. There are several show options to choose from when considering adding a wedding magician to your special evening. The magician offers award winning performances that will astonish your guests. After dinner, surprise your guests with an hour long magic performance.

Mind reading is another unforgettable way to shock and entertain your guests. Mind reading will add a classically nostalgic feel to your wedding and it is an interesting form of mind bending fun. Mind reading can surprise those who fall victim to it’s shocking ways.

The performer will ask your guest to keep an image or number in their mind. After imaging the scene or number, they mind reader will ask the guest to draw or otherwise reveal the image. Wedding goers will be shocked by the accuracy of the magician. Mind readers often blindfold their viewers, guess numbers such as birthdays and anniversaries, and reveal thoughts.

The performer will come to your wedding and mingle socialise with you guests. The party plan will make your guests chatty as they are entertained by the show. This is a great option for weddings that do not want a performance for the whole crowd. This also allows each audience member to get a close up and personal chance to participate in the show. The magician will attend your reception and converse with your guests, blending into the party while creating a lively stir. This low key performance will help your guests communicate with one another while being delightfully entertained.

This is your chance to add a magical touch to your wedding. Spice up your weddings socialisation with magic and laughter. Because weddings often have a wide range of guests, from you great grandmother to your college friends, it’s important to select entertainment that will be enjoyable by everyone! Don’t miss this chance to bring a timeless art to your special occasion. Your special event will blend together seamlessly with this unique entertainment. This flexible performance can fit into any plan or schedule. Whether your wedding is a grand event or intimate occasion, the mind reading magician can accommodate any of your entertainment needs.