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How to Select an Overlocker for Sewing An overlocker is a special kind of sewing machine that uses multiple threads to connect seams, straighten edges, and remove excess fabric in one go. It creates the professional looking finish that you will find in ready made clothing. They are sometimes called sergers. An overlocker has many other purposes – the formation of the stitch gives it stretch, it is perfect for attaching elastics neatly, and it can make a lot of “fancy edges. They can be overwhelming if it is your first time to use one. At the beginning, it can be quite an arduous task to thread and balance the threads’s tension. If you make clothes in any professional capacity, an overlocker would be a good companion for a sewing machine. It elevates your sewing to professional standards and it is also a good choice for the stretchier kinds of fabric.
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If you are thinking about purchasing an overlocker, here are some question you can ask yourself.
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Why do want to buy an overlocker? If you sew a lot and you have a separate sewing set up, an overlocker would helpful. However, do not assume that you can also sew stretch fabrics with an overlocker because an ordinary sewing can also do the job. Can you sew with an overlocker confidently? It would be difficult to make mistakes with an overlocker because the stitches take a long time to undo. Do not forget that it also cuts off the edge at the same time as sewing so there is no going back after that is done. Can you allot enough time and patience to learn to use it? Do not forget that threading and balancing the tensions across all the threads will take a lot of time. Here are some of the common features you should consider before buying. 1. Thread number – The ideal number of threads for a machine if four. 2. Adjustable stitch length. 3. The pressure foot should be adjustable for various thickness of fabric. Mechanically, overlockers are the same. The difference among brands is the build quality and the features that were included. You should always keep in mind your reasons for wanting one and do your research before going ahead with your purchase. Entry level overlockers are great with a basic range of cloths but will be more difficult to work with around thicker or finer kinds of fabric. A better quality overlocker will definitely be worth your money if you are going to use it all the time anyway.