Doing Pictures The Right Way

Things to Consider When Choosing a Photo Booth Rental Company

We all know that there are no rewinds when it comes to the events industry. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate party or any other special occasion, there are no second chances. Reason why you absolutely need to do your homework before selecting a photo booth rental company.


First and foremost, what is the company’s reputation? If they aren’t reviewed or listed on any reputable vendor sites, you should wonder why. If they don’t have any kind of advertising, perhaps they’re hiding something. A very wise step you can take is to ask for client references from your prospective company. Call these people and listen.


In terms of photo booth rentals, a company’s experience refers to how many events they have done. Many will make it look as though they’ve been around a long time. But how many events exactly have they actually done? What kind of relationships do they have with other vendors in the events industry? Do they have a portfolio of their past events?


When it comes to photo booths, bigger mega-pixel doesn’t always mean better quality. What’s more important are the lighting and the printer’s DPI (dots per inch), considering that space and depth of field are limited in a photo booth. See if they can deliver professional quality photos. Will they be manually cutting the photo strips with scissors? How fast is the printing? These are the questions that actually matter.


What level of customization will they provide? Or are they just going to put names and dates on the photostrip? There are two possibilities – they don’t have an in-house designer or they don’t use professional software. If they claim they do custom graphics, don’t settle for less than custom graphics.

Actual Cost

If you’re considering a vendor based on price, don’t just ask what’s included but also what isn’t. Create a list of must-haves and optionals. In other words, your expectations. Also, how many hours will you get to use the booth? Do you pay extra for options like online galleries, live photo slideshows or any other customizations? A travel fee? Vague or hidden fees?

Do They Have an Actual Photo Booth?

Funny but true. There are certain photo booth rental companies that don’t even have a photo booth! They will just come to your event with tripod-mounted cameras and portable backdrops. Not a photo booth at all.

Considering there are so many photo booth rental companies around, it may take a while before you find the right vendor. But just be happy for the options you have. In fact, you should have at least two or three prospects so you can make comparisons.

Take note, the photos you take in those booths are going to carry lots memories for you and your guests for years to come. Make sure they are all good ones.