Dating When You are HIV Positive

Dating is tough enough so imagining having to do it when you are HIV-positive. If you HIV-positive you might be thinking that, you have no options when it comes to dating. Perhaps you settled with the thought of being alone for the rest of your life. However, you would be wrong and feel that way would be a mistake.

Then there is the question of dating someone who is already infected or someone who is not. With the help of education and a better understanding of this disease, more and more people are coming to the realization that dating someone with HIV does not mean that you will contract the disease. Still, you do have people who are frightened at the thought of dating someone with HIV. Nonetheless, they are people who live with this disease and have fulfilling relationships as well as an active sex life.

To Disclose or Not to Disclose that is the Question

It appears that people are split on the issue of whether to disclose your HIV status on the first date. Some people feel that you should only disclose such intimate information after you realize that you have feelings for the person and/or before you become sexually active. While other opinions lean towards being upfront immediately to as to filter through those individual uncomfortable with dating someone who is HIV.
According to experts, practicing safe sex can greatly reduce your chance of becoming HIV positive. Perhaps those words “greatly reduce” rather than completely guarantee has people sitting on the fence on the issue.

Then there’s the Myth

The myth that two people infected cannot infected each other again is false. Becoming reinfected with another strain of HIV could put you at risk of certain medications not being as effective.

Being fully educated is the key to not becoming infected and not being reinfected. Safe sex practices are non-negotiable if you want to increase your chances of not contracting HIV or becoming infected again with another strain.

Love is a powerful cure. If you have HIV, you deserve to be in a fulfilling relationship. If you agree and are interested in dating, consider visiting