Coupons on Hampton Creek’s Facebook Page Motivate Some Shoppers to Give Just Mayo a Try

People can get set in their ways, and it’s not always easy to convince them to try something new. Consider someone whose mother is elderly, and, for years, has created her weekly shopping list according to which items she has coupons for. She’s not likely to try a different kind of sandwich spread or salad dressing if she doesn’t have a coupon. Fortunately, trying to convince her to buy a jar of Just Mayo, an egg-free mayonnaise alternative, is easier because of the social media page There, coupons are available for printing. Now the individual who prefers to shop with coupons has one in hand to give to the cashier and get a discount on the sandwich spread.

She might not care whether her mayo contains eggs or not. She might, however, like Hampton Creek’s commitment to producing processed food items that are more environmentally friendly than their conventional competitors. Because she’s focused on price, she appreciates seeing that Just Mayo is priced similarly to the big-name mayonnaise products, and that she can get it even cheaper with the Facebook coupons. If she’s a big fan of mayonnaise, she’ll definitely appreciate the flavor of this egg-free version, since it effectively competes with the standard versions.

One potential issue might be that Hampton Creek’s mayo still isn’t in all the big grocery stores. It’s making great strides, though. If this person ever stops in at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Dollar Tree or Kroger, she’ll be able to use that coupon for Just Mayo. The product is available at certain stores in numerous regional chains, such as Safeway, Piggly Wiggly and Sentry. In addition, people can find it at many small local independently owned stores and natural food co-ops. This gives consumers a broad range of options.

Soon, Hampton Creek expects to have its salad dressings on store shelves. They’ll be offering the ever-popular ranch, along with French, Thousand Island, Caesar and a handful of others to start with. Many shoppers may not care that these products are all vegan, containing no eggs or dairy items. They’ll mainly appreciate their affordable cost, their great flavors and the availability of coupons on Facebook.