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The Creation of an Author Website You know very well that every author must have a website. The search engine bar is used by people who would like to find an information nor if they want to look for your website. This permits you to put your own little corner on the World Wide Web. If you want to come up with your own author website, then there are several things that you should ensure. You can do this with just a little money that you spend and when you have all the content ready, then you will just need about an hour to do this. There are great practices that you should know of to be able to create your own online platform and know the tools to make sure that this is done in a quick and cheap way. The first thing that you actually need when you would set up your own site is the domain name. For you to have a website, you must get this. This has the .com, .net and other choices. When it comes to choosing for the domain name, there are authors who wish to use the main character of a book or the title of the book. But, this is actually not a good idea. What you should do si that you have to set up your own site using your name.
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You have a long writing career ahead and your writing may change. The things that you are writing about now will shift over time. Probably, you may not think of writing other things because you are so focused on a trilogy that you are working on but later, you will surely be interested about some other things. But, despite all this, you know for a fact that your name is something that won’t change and this is the reason why it is best that you use your name as the domain name.
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After choosing the domain name, what you must do next is looking for a hosting company for your website. With just a minimal fee, the web hosting company will take care of storing all of the website files and then make them available to those who are online. You need to be sure that you go for a company that provides excellent support and that there should be no problem about installing the website. What you must do next is that you should choose a platform. The best thing that you can go for is WordPress. This is because of the fact that this is the most popular platform that is used on the internet. It will be very easy for you to seek help when you encounter any trouble with your site.