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The Advantages of Arts and Crafts

Today, the principal entertainment for most of us involves passive entertainments and screen time that is really not very good for our brain health. Scientists are finding that much more active entertainments, like those involving arts and crafts, are much more beneficial for brain health and, therefore, for the overall health of the individual. The phenomenon which is sometimes referred to as ‘knitting brain,’ refers to the fact people have known this to be true for a long time.

We live in a time in which people are suffering from a lot of anxiety. Anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders are becoming increasingly common in recent years. Seeking relief from this anxiety, many people immerse themselves in all kinds of entertainments that really do not provide the kind of relaxation that a person really needs. Activities such as watching TV, using the Internet and playing video games may even destroy a person’s peace of mind, making their anxiety or depression even more severe.

In recent years, research has shown that arts and crafts like knitting can actually have a therapeutic effect on a person’s mind. Even though people take up knitting as a hobby, to make cute little hats, mittens and boots for their babies, the truth is that people derive a lot more from arts and crafts like knitting than just the actual objects that they create. Though knitting is well known as a relaxing activity, recent researchers have found evidence that it has beneficial effects on a person’s brain health.

Recently, researchers have found that the entertainments and activities that we take part in actually have an influence on our brain chemistry. When you actively take part in activities that involve both your brain and your hands, you may actually be stimulating the production of beneficial brain chemicals.

It has been shown that activities like knitting not only reduce stress hormones, but are also a great way to increase helpful brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Arts and crafts like knitting have been scientifically shown to also help people who suffer from Alzheimers disease and ADHD symptoms. This is something known as ‘knitting brain’ and if you are suffering from anxiety and other psychological symptoms, taking up an arts and crafts hobby that provides proven brain benefits is a good idea.

If you are interested in learning more about knitting and how arts and crafts like knitting can be beneficial to your brain health, the best way to get started is to visit a comprehensive knitting website. To get started, the first thing you should do is perform a search engine search for information on arts and crafts or for detailed information on knitting and the beneficial affect it has on brain health.

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